Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our Perfectly Imperfect Lives

Do you know those folks who seem to have it all together? Somehow they manage their work with home, they are so organized, always on time, and they look so cool and collected. How do they do it? Hmm... While being connected to so many different households over the years I am here to tell you: “You’ve been fooled!” Life is anything but easy, and it's certainly not balanced! There's a lot of juggling to be done. Lots of “shoulds,” “have tos,” “musts,” “supposed tos” which could set ourselves up for disappointment. Everyone’s life gets cluttered and a little chaotic at times; kitchen floor reflects a cloudy, spilled-milk sheen, and the laundry piles up. Now, we all know that life is not like we see it in one of those commercials... perfectly diapered, ironed or softened. It is a real-life messy adventure. If you want more controlled, more ordered, or cleaner life ask for help! Trying to be perfect at everything: work, school, relationships, family, training, etc. can be exhausting and, of course, disappointing, as perfection is not possible and will always evade us. I used to be so disappointed when things didn't go perfectly. Now I know, all you have to do is try your best. So how do you accept what is perfectly imperfect? First of all, focus on what you can control - you. Experts say they follow these simple rules that'll help you organize your life. Think about it: staying more organized may actually help you stick to those goals. Benefits of staying organized include finding more time for yourself, family and friends, having more energy to do the things you want, and setting an example for others around you. Take a small steps each day. But first breathe a little sigh of relief, for sure.

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